There are no Orphans

Holidays can trigger (sometimes negative) emotions and Father’s Day is no exception. Instead of dwelling on what’s wrong or imperfect I hope you’ll join me in brainstorming some great father figures in our lives we can celebrate.

 Because there are no Orphans of God.

 I am living proof….and so are you.

Hopefully= Hoping + Fully

There’s a pattern in my life, maybe yours too?

1. Start something new.

2. Have fun with it.

3. Obsess over doing it “perfectly” until it isn’t fun anymore.

4. Abandon it and start something else.

Ugh….it’s exhausting. 

So I started meditating. Can you tell where this is going?

I started to worry I wasn’t “doing it right” or that maybe there was a “better” meditation out there with more benefits.

I was getting stressed about meditating. 

Ironic? Yes.

True? Unfortunately, also Yes.

So I’ve started something called “Singalong Switch” that helps me move from chaos to calm through the power of song.

It’s something EVERYONE can do, and I’d love to show you how! Sign up below and you’ll get immediate access!

I’m so thankful I didn’t listen…

The song “Reflection” is one that I recorded a few months ago.

As you’ll see in the video, when I sing the line “if I were truly to be myself I would break my family’s heart” it hits very close to home.

When I headed off to college my dad said,

“don’t major in voice, you’ll never be able to support yourself as a singer.”

I graduated college and joined the Navy….as a singer. ⚓️

The people closest to us don’t want to see us fail.

So out of love they encourage us to play it safe.

Get a “real” job.

I’m so thankful that I didn’t listen.

And when I was stationed in New Orleans I took my dad out for dinner. ? My treat. ?


Same Verse, Different Song

While working with choirs and bands I often use the phrase “same song, different verse” when we’re about to head into a section of music that repeats itself.

Do you ever feel like that applies to life as well?

Tasks like laundry, dishes, grocery shopping….they are on a never ending loop and never completely done!

Since they’re a fact of life, I’m working on a fresh perspective.

same Tasks with a different Attitude.

same Verse, different Song

The results? I’m doing the dishes while listening to fun podcasts and focusing on how grateful I am to be able to work out while sorting sweaty laundry. As for the grocery shopping….I’m still working on a new attitude for that one!

In the spirit of changing songs, this week I’ve taken a traditional Gaelic blessing and given it a new melody. You can give it a listen below.