Music Unites Us

Think about it…

How do we begin a service or religious gathering?

Singing songs that reinforce our faith.

How do we start sporting events?

Singing the national anthem.

How do we honor our military service men and women?

Playing their service songs.

It’s a fact: Music unites congregations, energizes crowds, & ignites patriotism.

Yet music goes beyond military and patriotic tunes.

It goes beyond church and spiritual songs.

It reaches us at a soul level.

Singing together is powerful.

My love of singing began when I was a toddler and I realized that singing annoyed my brother.….

so I became a singing machine!

What began as a silly stunt has turned into a lifelong passion.

I founded AprilSingsalot because I still love connecting people through shared music experiences!

Some of the highlights so far include:

Serving in the United States Navy as a singer

Teaching piano to women in prison

~ Leading worship for congregations around the world

Creating Singalong Switch and sharing the powerful technique with thousands worldwide.

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