Fertility Journey

Fertility Journey: A Personal Perspective 

This is a collection of writing and interviews from before, during, and after our pregnancy.

Before the happy ending: A timeline of the waiting

In this I share everything except that we were in couples counseling from when we got the infertility diagnosis until after we had our child. 

That diagnosis really rocks you and it’s incredibly valuable to have professional help in navigating all the emotions and decisions that come after! 

Sharing the good news:  A reminder to release

Sometimes it’s good to tell everyone and have a great community to support you. 

Sometimes that’s an incredible weight and it’s better to do it alone. 

Adopting Embryos: An honest look at what worked and what was complicated 

However and whenever you get to become parents, it will be the most amazing blessing you will ever experience. 

It will also be the hardest, most challenging time of your life, so keep your support system handy! 

It’s a natural tendency for those of us who tried for years to become parents to then feel guilty when we get frustrated with the constant demands of children. Parenting is a team sport and enlisting help is an absolute necessity! 

I’m always happy to share more about our adventure to become parents, whether at a speaking engagement, a support group discussion, or as a personal conversation. 

My email is april [at] aprilsingsalot.com 

May God give you strength for today and a bright hope for tomorrow,