It’s not about Perfection, it’s about Expression

It’s not about Perfection, it’s about Expression….

Like most things, I may have thought I knew that, but I didn’t actually internalize it until I experienced it on a mission trip to Cuba. 
Members of our music team were working with the local musicians to prepare music for a church service.
We had everything carefully planned out in advance because we did not speak each other’s language and didn’t want to leave anything to chance. 
After playing the music we had planned and practiced, I thought we were done. 
Then the pastor walked up and asked me if I knew Amazing Grace. 
I said yes and before I knew it he was sitting at the keyboard playing. 
My brain was going bananas with excuses and protests….
I only know how to sing it in English, they won’t understand.
We’ve never practiced this, what if it sounds awful?  
I’m not even sure this is a good key for my voice……
And then…..I let go and started singing. 
What resulted is one of the most amazing musical experiences of my life. 
It’s not about perfection, it’s about expression.
Want to hear for yourself? Check out the video below…. at the 1:30 mark, we REALLY start having church! 🙌🏻

That’s why I created Singalong Switch, to encourage EVERYONE (yes, YOU) to embrace and use our voices to move from chaos to calm through the power of song.

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