Toothpicks and Tulips

It seems silly, but as I’m thinking back over memorable gifts from past holidays for myself (and brainstorming something awesome to give my husband) the two stand outs are not big ticket items like jewelry or trips but a toothpick holder and an origami tulip…

Back when we were dating, I assumed Mike (my now-husband) read a lot because he is very smart. 

So, being the thoughtful girlfriend I was, I bought him interesting looking books as gifts.

He would thank me, put them on a shelf, and never open them again.

Turns out he hates to read, he’s just one of those people who inherently knows stuff. 

I am not one of those people.

When I finally realized the books never came off the shelf (after many years) two things happened:

1. I felt bad that I had given him books that never got read and….

2. I panicked…..What am I supposed to do for gifts now? 

I remembered that he was forever picking up a toothpick as we left restaurants and would get aggravated if they didn’t have them available. So, on a whim, I purchased a keychain toothpick holder that he still uses. 

It may not sound very romantic, but I guarantee he loves (and uses it) way more than any book! 

And you know what my favorite gift from him is? A tulip he made me from origami paper when we were dating in college.

He knew it was my favorite flower and he couldn’t afford to buy me real ones. 

It was the most thoughtful gesture and the tulip is still on display in our home today. 🌷

If you have someone who is tough to find gifts for as well, I think the key is to find something useful and not worry if it’s “big” enough. 

And now I’m curious…what gift is your version of the toothpick holder or origami tulip? I can’t wait to hear!