Life Can Be Good

Life can be good when we remove the should
Life can be free when we stop thinking “me”

Don’t you hate it when you wake up in the middle of the night with a genius idea–only to have it disappear as you reach for something to write it down on?

That has happened to me countless times and it is so frustrating!

Then today, something magical happened…

I was actually in a place to capture the idea (a song) when it hit me.

Score! ? 

I hurried to the ? with my recorder at the ready to capture it before it slipped away and then spent the next few hours creating a prettier version to share. ?

Life can be good when we remove the should
Life can be free when we stop thinking “me”
Choose new direction and pave the way
Pave the way through for a brand new day

There’s always another answer…A different road we can take….

Life Can Be Good.mp3

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From Despair to Dawn

Unexpected loss is a pain like no other isn’t it?

It’s a pain that leaves you breathless.

And when you catch your breath it leaves you questioning everything.

Yet, amidst all of the chaos and questions, the sun rises on another day.

Dawn displaces despair.

Handling loss, One day at a time.

from despair to dawn

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What is the most valuable thing you’ve ever learned

Honestly, my first thought was learning how to tie my shoes.

While that may not seem like a big deal now, it is one of my first memories.

I felt like a champion!

Yet as an adult our perspective shifts and what was once a major accomplishment is now barely a blip on the radar. (Plus, I wear heels now, so it’s not even a skill I use all that often ☺️)

So what is considered a valuable skill as an adult?

I’d like to offer a suggestion in the form of song lyrics:

The greatest thing you’ll ever learn 

is just to love and be loved in return.

This final line from the song “Nature Boy” is so hauntingly beautiful. I hope it inspires you to think about life in a new way and to celebrate those little victories (like successfully tie-ing your shoes)!

learning great things daily

Are you ready for…

The beauty of the internet is being able to share music effortlessly with people all over the world.

It also means people can make fun suggestions or challenge you publicly to try things you might not have thought of otherwise.

I was challenged to play “Fever” on the harp. 

It took me awhile (ok…more like 6 months)  to get up the nerve to try.

Here are the results…Hope you Enjoy!

school fever facing fear fall

The Comfort of Song

The comfort of song helps to remind us of truth and keeps our faith alive during the darkest times.

Because let’s face it, Life can be a scary place.

Sometimes happy, sometimes sad….and ALWAYS unpredictable!

As a musician I am often asked to be a part of both the happy and sad times in people’s lives.

Happy times like weddings or parties are fun and music is a great way to lift your spirits and celebrate.

But it is during the sad times that we experience the power of music in a whole new way. The comfort of song helps to remind us of truth and keeps our faith alive during the darkest times.

“Be not afraid, I go before you always. Come follow me, and I will give you rest.”

Ebb and Flow

Peace be still, in ALL of life’s ebb and flow.

This week has been a whirlwind of Activity….

but not necessarily Productivity.

Do you every feel like you’re exhausted at the end of the day and yet the list has somehow gotten LONGER?

Yeah. Me too.


So, when all else fails, I turn to music.

And more often than not, the music that is close at hand is a hymnal.

As I was searching for some sanity this week, I found this phrase resonating loudly with me.

Peace be still, in ALL of life’s ebb and flow.

I love the line in ALL of life’s ebb and flow. 

Not just the calm quite times.

Or the crazy busy times.

ALL the time.

Even when that flow seems more like a rushing river than a babbling brook.

Scratch that….ESPECIALLY when the rushing river threatens to sweep you and your sanity right down the drain.

May your heart’s melody keep you singing this season and remind you, even in the midst of chaos, that HE is with you in ALL of life’s ebb and flow.

There's within my ♡ a melody

The Waves are Always Calmer

While on vacation this week I found myself on a paddle board. It was a peaceful morning on the ocean and I was looking ahead at the calmer waters thinking if I could just get there I would be set. Everything would be easier if I could just get to calmer waters.

And those calmer waters were always just ahead of where I was.

Does your life ever feel like that?

I wonder if God is waiting for us to be happy where we are. In the midst of the waves. Trusting Him to guide us through. As this week’s song lyric says, God surrounds us with love from birth, and we are always safe in the beauty of His creation.

“for the love which from our birth over and around us lies”

is God small enough

I often marvel at God’s awesomeness and talk about how BIG He is.

But what about when we need Him in our quiet moments of distress? 

This song, Small Enough by Nichole Nordeman, is a reminder that although God is great, He is also small enough to hear our whispered prayers and silent tears. 

O great God, be small enough to hear me now…

O Great God-3