Because of who you are

It’s been almost three months since I stepped down as music director at our church and I can’t believe it’s gone by so fast.

Truthfully, I was afraid I would lose my friends when I lost that title.

Like I only had friends as “April the music director” and not as “April the person”. 

It’s embarrassing to admit now that I was that insecure.

Especially since every single person has been supportive, loving, and understanding. 

What was I thinking?

That has been the greatest realization I’ve had in this whole process….that

my worth and value does not lie in

what I do

but in

who I am  

And who I am is a someone who enjoys building spiritual connection through song.

So…drumroll please….

I hosted my first ever online event, “Hymn Sing Surprise” on Facebook!

You are enough.

Just you.

Not because of what you do for people. But because of who you are.

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