Top Tips for Vocal Recovery

I’m sharing my top tips for vocal recovery after dealing with a nasty cold that (of course) coincided with a week of important singing gigs.

DISCLAIMER: I am not a doctor, nor do I play one on TV. These are practices and products that have helped me and that I share as a service to other singing professionals. Certainly use your best judgement on what will work best for you!

Here are the high points, I strongly recommend watching the video for all the information.

~ Hum instead of sing to warm up your voice.

~ Do NOT whisper, instead avoid talking altogether

~ Drink hot tea, avoid lemon and add honey

~ Eat Lays regular potato chips (watch video for funny story on how I got this helpful tip!)

~ Gargle with room temperature water

~ Sleep with humidifier and use vicks vapor

~ Use neti pot morning and night

Some of the products mentioned are linked below. These are amazon affiliate links which mean that I may get a small commission if you purchase the items.