Navy Hymn | Eternal Father Strong to Save

I was in the United States Navy as a singer. If you didn’t know that was a job in the military, you’re not alone. Even the recruiter, when I went to apply for the job, didn’t know that that was a job.

I ended up graduating college and going to boot camp within three days, so you can imagine it was a challenge. While I was there the whole time, I was thinking about this person who was sitting in front of me at my college graduation, and overheard me talking about how I was joining the Navy and going to boot camp in a few days.

He looked me up and down and said, you’ll never make it.

It turns out he was a Navy veteran and pretty sure that I didn’t have what it took.

I thought about him every day of bootcamp because I did not want him to be right. I was determined because of that statement that I was going to prove him wrong. So I’ve proved him wrong, but I don’t even know his name.

Bootcamp is difficult for a reason. It galvanizes you with other military members because we made it through this thing that nobody else will ever understand.

I think that’s what hard times are like in our lives. Like it could be bootcamp, but it could be something else. It could be any number of things that we encounter that are like, ah, I really don’t know if I can make it through this.

And I would encourage you to say to yourself. Yes, I can. I absolutely can. And when I get through this, I will not only have a story to tell, but there will be other people who have also made it through this who I will forever have something in common with.

Our song today is the Navy hymn, Eternal father strong to save. The words of this are powerful, encouraging, and a great reminder that God’s strength is enough to get you through this. 

Need a lyric video to sing along with? I’ve got you covered! 

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