When music is your escape and also your job, how do you handle it?
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Hopefully= hoping fully

There’s a pattern in my life, maybe yours too?

1. Start something new.
2. Have fun with it.

3. Obsess over doing it “perfectly” until it isn’t fun anymore.

4. Abandon it and start something else.

Ugh….it’s exhausting. 

So I started meditating. Can you tell where this is going?

I started to worry I wasn’t “doing it right” or that maybe there was a “better” meditation out there with more benefits.

I was getting stressed about meditating. 

Ironic? Yes.

True? Unfortunately, also Yes.

So I’ve decided to take some action and boil this down to its simplest form.

Take a deep breath.

Focus on something positive. 


There. Now we’ve meditated.

If you’d like to do something a little more “official” here’s some meditation music.

Hopefully it will help us relax, enjoy, and embrace the totally imperfect day!

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