God’s Got It

True Confessions Time: I’m still nervous sharing new ideas with adults. (no offense)

​So when I wrote some new song lyrics in my journal recently, I decided to share it with some kids at church first. ⛪️

I figured they would be honest, helpful, and if we decided it was no good I could quickly distract them with something else and pretend it never happened.

Together, we figured out a melody line for the chorus that was simple and catchy, ♫​  they each shared something they were afraid of and then we all shouted “God’s Got It!” for the verse, and then they came up with some great motions!

Voila, we wrote a song!

Well, fast forward a few months and “God’s Got It” became the theme song of VBS!

The highlight of my week was when a little girl exclaimed after singing it, “that’s my favorite!”

I almost cried.

We truly never know how God will use an idea….and I need that powerful reminder when I get so easily caught up in worrying and trying that I forget to just be still…

He took a simple journal entry and turned it into a catchy kids song (a miracle on par with water into wine in my opinion!)

All I need to do is show up and be me. The rest is in His hands.

What a relief….and what a challenge!