God IS Blessing You

What if instead of saying God bless you, we said God IS blessing you?

That phrase was uttered to me years ago by a sweet lady in Cuba.

I know she was meaning to say the phrase “God Bless You”, but the way she phrased it made me think about it in a whole new way.

When I’ve said “God Bless You” it has been to wish that person a FUTURE blessing.

Or used the phrase “God blessed me” when remembering a time in the PAST.

But to think that God IS blessing me? Right now? In this moment?

It has challenged me to see present blessing instead of only thanking God for the past or praying for the future.

May you feel God’s blessing today, or even better, find a way to be that blessing for someone else!

Thank you for listening, singing, and sharing this with a friend!

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