Debut Episode | Make Me A Channel of Blessing!

Make Me A Channel of Blessing

I really found myself returning to the basics lately.

This is not a time to try a new flavor of ice cream, I got enough uncertainty in my life right now! I find myself rewatching Friends episodes, rereading the Harry Potter series, and returning to the hymns that I grew up singing.

I have collected a lot of hymnals and I’ve just been going through them and rediscovering old favorites and really connecting with the messages in those hymns in a whole new way.

This podcast is going to be sharing story and song and inviting you to sing along. Hopefully it will bring hope and healing during this uncertain time!

The song, make me a channel of blessing is a great prayer, and I found myself singing that today in traffic. Sometimes just the simplest phrases are what we need to center us and get us through a difficult situation or just a difficult few moments

Thank you for listening, singing, and sharing this with a friend!

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