More Complicated Please

“I Want to Play Something More Complicated!”

That’s the phrase I hear most from students at this time of year.

They hear these complicated piano solos of their favorite Christmas carol and they’re desperate to duplicate it.

But it’s not possible for them yet because they haven’t learned the fundamentals. The really unexciting (but necessary) stuff like scales, chords, and theory that make playing complicated pieces possible.

Try explaining that to an 8 year old.

It’s impossible.

Which is why I end up creating simplified versions for them that work for their skill level. It’s a compromise that will hopefully keep them interested in music long enough to learn the skills to play at a higher level.

And so it is with life. I know I want to have more students to teach. A larger choir to direct. More opportunities to travel and perform.

But perhaps my “teacher” is saying you have more fundamentals to learn first.

So I’m going to start my days with a┬ánon negotiable spiritual practice. And by taking time every morning I hope to develop the skills I need to pursue those dreams.