Baby Bump Harp Playing

Yesterday a friend of mine wondered whether or not I could still play the harp since my belly has gotten much bigger over the last few weeks. Well, I do love a good challenge, so I took to social media last night to prove her wrong. 

It was…well, I’ll let you see for yourself.

I could easily list all the things that went wrong (in fact, I can’t help myself…there were some doozies)

~ The harp was out of tune AND missing two strings

~ My voice is hoarse from all the pregnancy-induced acid reflux

~ I started with the pedals in the wrong place, effectively playing in the wrong key

~ I’m out of breath throughout

And yet I’m still sharing it. Why? 

Because if I let mistakes/fumbles/accidents deter me from making and sharing music I would miss the most important part:


Whether I played right or wrong notes, it created a forum for us to share the memories of music from our childhood.

Here’s a few of the comments and messages…  

“This brings back memories of my mom singing lullabies to me when i was younger” 

“One of my favorite memories as a child was a mixed tape my Mom made for me to go to sleep to where she sang to me and talked to me and told me how much she loved me.”

“I bet the baby loves this. Singing them to sleep is the most wonderful thing.

Music is powerful and the lullabies we heard as children stay with us for life!