Only Make Believe

Have you ever felt completely at home in a new place, even though you’ve actually just stepped in the door? 

It’s a magical feeling isn’t it? 

And I don’t know about you, but for me, it doesn’t happen often! 

When I started my undergrad in vocal performance at LA Tech, I knew immediately when I stepped into the music building on campus that I had found my new home. 

A large part of that comforting feeling was meeting my voice teacher, Mr. Wylie. He was a great vocal coach who knew instinctively when you needed a kick in the pants and when you needed a pat on the back. 

He was also one of only two people in this world who could get away with calling me Fronzie.*** 

***Unless you want to be on the receiving end of my signature glare, 🔥do not try this! 

Where would we be without our teachers? ✏️

They create the magical spaces where we not only learn, but form lifelong friendships. 

So when I heard that Mr. Wylie passed away, it hit me hard. 

It got me reminiscing, reconnecting with friends from the shows we performed in under his direction and vocalists I sang recitals and duets with during our time as his students. 

I used some of the pictures from our time together to craft a tribute to this wonderful man and the musical memories he helped us create using a recording of one such duet, the song “Only Make Believe” from the musical Showboat

I hope this inspires you to reach out to someone who impacted you and let them know. ❤️ 

♫ Only make believe I love you….for the tell the truth….I do ♬

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